Prices of Services

A Touch of Healing by Carol



Reflexology: Applied pressure to reflex points on the feet. Benefits: improved circulation, stress reduction and relaxation.


 Reiki:   A Japanese healing technique that aids in stress reduction, relaxation and deep healing while stimulating the immune system.  It involves a gentle touch over each of the chakras while the client is fully clothed.


 Reiki Massage: A treatment that combines Reiki with a gentle massage on the neck and shoulders. This can be done sitting in a chair or at a massage table.


 Crystal Healing with Reiki: Crystal therapy is an ancient form of healing which consists of placing crystals on and around the body to induce deep relaxation, release stress and pain and to promote energy balance.


Crystal Nets:  Rejuvenate the body by laying in a crystal net.  Crystals are selected for your specific issue.  (15 minutes)


Attract Love with Crystals:  Rose Quartz and Amethyst crystals are used in this ritual to cleanse and purify your heart.  Rose quartz sends vibrations to release unexpressed emotions that may be blocking you from attracting love.  This treatment takes about 15 minutes and includes an inspirational card reading.


 Stress Buster Massage: Feel your stress and tension melt away with this neck and shoulder massage. This massage uses Essential Oils and is a table treatment only.


Couples Package:  Mix and match any of the above treatments.  While one person is enjoying a treatment, the other can have a relaxing footbath, lay in a crystal net, listen to a guided meditation or just relax.  Prices are per person.


Treatment Prices:

15 minutes:  $20.00

30 minutes:  $35.00

50 minutes:  $50.00


Meditation: Guided meditation to aid relaxation is available for all above treatments.








Treatments  can be mixed and matched depending on the need. Please discuss your areas of concern to have a treatment individualized.